Friday, 10 February 2017

Alentejo and a rainy day in February

The Alentejo never ceases to amaze me, 
often people complain about the lack of seasons, 
but there is no lack of those in the Alentejo..

The ever changing weather, the almond flowering all over the place, 
it may not be Spring according to the calendar yet, 
but it is definitely in the air. 
The amount of wild flowers appearing seemingly out of nowhere, 
are the first signs of change to come.

Was pleasantly surprised when I saw this shrub flowering along 
the roadside, with no irrigation. 
One to add to my continuously growing wish list, 
if only I could remember its name....

It is a Chaenomeles japonica (has just been whispered into my ear, 
thank you .... 
you know who you are...

Asphodelus, one of my favourites...


  1. Chaenomeles japonica, the pink flowered shrub

    1. haha.. i typed it with an m instead of an n...... and couldn't find it ! Thank you... as always reliable... !