Saturday, 4 February 2017

Just some of the Chickens in my life... 

Chickens have been a part of my life since childhood. I cannot imagine not having chickens around and about in my life.

In all shapes, forms and colourings; they play a major part in day to day life here.


They recycle all the green waste, from weeds to kitchen scraps, everything is being recycled. 

In return there are the eggs, the manure and a weed free compost heap with fabulous soil.

The biggest 'problem' with keeping chickens, are the predators they may unwillingly attract.  

In Portugal there are quite a few;  the genet, mongoose, and fox just to name just a couple. 
All of these have unfortunately paid a visit to the chickens here, leaving a devastating trail of bodies and feathers. 

Spring is the time of the year where the chickens are the most vulnerable, whilst the genet will only attack at night, both the mongoose and the fox have attacked here in broad daylight.


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