Thursday, 2 February 2017


Beginning of February, and Spring is definitely in the air...

This becomes clearly noticeable when driving through the never boring landscape of the Algarve.

Of course, the almond trees are in full bloom, the Irises are appearing, showing off here and there, the Crocosmia (if it is still called that, as they keep changing names and classifications unfortunately) is adding some nice colour to the amazing palette of colours.. 

And then there is the always beautiful Asphodelus is popping up its buds.

I just love these bulbs... and their absolutely amazing and delicate flowers.

Unfortunately and unusual I did not take my camera with me today, and photos were taken with my phone.

Photos were taken Messines de Cima - Alte, Algarve


  1. Are those in the Quinta? You must do me a favour and collect seeds from them please!

    1. I have them but they are a couple of weeks behind... I also found tiny anemones flowering this week, which I love..... Will collect seed of the Ashpodelus... not a problem...