Saturday, 4 February 2017

From Frost to Flowers

From frost damage to flowers and all in one week time.  It has been an interesting couple of weeks, weather wise that is.

One of the last things one expects, living 2 km from the ocean in the Algarve, is frost and subsequently the frost damage on some of these tender plants.

Unfortunately it did happen, and it left a trail of damaged plants; most of the many Agaves Attenuata were hit, also the Ensete Maurellii, and the young Ficus tree were damaged. The Musa (banana's) in the vegetable plot also fell victim to the frost.

One week later, and whilst the  frost damage is still visible, of course, other plants have started flowering, announcing Spring.

The pink flower of the Dombeya is a hiding place for a snail. And upon closer inspection of some of the flowers, quite some were providing a safe place for young snails.

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